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Microsoft Jscript.NET Programming book download

Microsoft Jscript.NET Programming book download

Microsoft Jscript.NET Programming by Justin Rogers

Microsoft Jscript.NET Programming

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Microsoft Jscript.NET Programming Justin Rogers ebook
Page: 357
Format: pdf
Publisher: Sams
ISBN: 0672321483,

ASPX stands for Active Server Pages Extended. Microsoft announced that they are supporting Jquery as part of it's official platform. Of course this supports the .NET Framework and a number of languages that NET and Tcl (and Perl and Python) from the Microsoft perspective, see this article in Microsoft's Technet: " Taking Advantage of Windows 2000 and the .NET Platform" [3]. Someone sent me mail the other day asking why this C# program snippet didn't work: x = Microsoft.JScript.GlobalObject.eval("1");. It is actually the successor to Microsoft's ASP. This means better cross-browser support for web site programmers. It creates a simple JScript.NET source code template (File > New), it shows the list of current Elements with their Name, Control Type, position, and value, it has syntax coloring, it can hook to an External Editor, you can play with the Arguments, it has a debug console, and most importantly it has the Compile and Run buttons. Today, I answer a question about eval in JScript .NET. It was designed for Web development to produce dynamic Web pages. Here is a screenshot of a The Microsoft Windows SDK provides the great Inspect tool to dynamically introspect a program. JScript has been pretty consistent and has adhered to the ECMA standards. ASP.NET Web pages are also commonly known as Web Forms. They contain static (X)HTML markup. Microsoft also create a new language for the .Net platform called JScript.Net. Class Microsoft.VisualBasic.Globals Syntax ScriptEngine( ) Return Value A String containing the value VB Description Indicates the programming language currently in use Programming Tips and Gotchas A number of scripting engines support These languages, and the strings they return, are shown in the following table: Language String Microsoft JScript JScript VB .NET VB VBScript VBScript The ScriptEngine function can be most useful when calling legacy code. NET: The latest version of Microsoft's programming IDE. This allows programmers to write ASP.NET code using any supported .NET language. It was released in January 2002 with the .NET Framework. You will notice the beginning years were the time when the standards were made. A "Shared Source" version of the CLI and the C# and JScript compilers is at [4].

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